Rebecca the woman behind the eye

“A brick,” he retorted, “is a parallelogram; I am not a parallelogram, and therefore not a brick …” It is easier to write about the sexual experiences than to write about me Rebecca the owner and writer of this blog, which although appears unbelievable is my life over the past couple of years, the blog acting as the serotonin of my sexual life.  Each experience shared is a real, has happened experience;… Read More Rebecca the woman behind the eye

#Sinful Sunday – Rebecca minimalistically trying!

Flashes of red symbolising the flashes of life now discovered in my life, which was bare and minimal sexually prior to 2015  Sometimes life has to have flashes of danger, whose knows where it begins or begins to end,  just enjoying the learning curve so so not strictly are these photographs minimalistic but they are… Read More #Sinful Sunday – Rebecca minimalistically trying!