I am an ordinary woman, living in an ordinary area, with an ordinary middle class life , with an extraordinary tale to tell.

I am a short plump brunette with a band of grey hair (from a traumatic event).  I have  a mummy tummy but my boobs have remained  good, the nipples still point in the right direction.  I am curvaceous, those dreadful BMI charts would describe me as overweight.  I know I am funny, witty with one liners, I know people seek my company, I am kind and loyal a totally good egg  and have the ability to make people laugh and to feel good about themselves.

I am considerate and am learning about sex. A novice a year ago, still learning, still exploring, but having fun.  What makes a man tick, what makes him cum, what turns him on, and I have learnt the most incredible sex, I have reached utopia in love making.   My vocational job yet wields significant power, I earn an average salary and I am a happy adulteress.  Paradoxically I am happily married and have several kids.  I am a church goer…. I am sexually satisfied finally.

After seeing an article in the Daily Telegraph about the Ashley Madison in 2014 , a website dedicated to affairs I decided to sign up in March 2015.  From my research I found that women embark on affairs for emotional attachment, men for sex.  I have decided, by that analysis, that I am a man ……. During 2015 I met some wonderful ordinary men looking for fun, sex and adventure.

This is my story of 2016 and my band of wonderful men, some may find it shocking, some may tut tut as they morally will,  but I bet a the majority will be jealous of the fact that I have done it and feel wonderful…..





8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,

    I’m writing from IllicitEncounters.com – we’ve loved reading your blogs! I was hoping to contact you with regards to a potential opportunity – how would I best go about this?

    Kind Regards,

    Claire Page


  2. Hello LapsedCatholicWife (LCW?)…

    I don’t see ANY “badness” with liberation, self-expression, and embracement (from our lifestyles) by us — only the unnecessary judging and shaming by the “vanilla” world. Welcome to the delicious Dark Art and Sorcery of our world! Come in… the water is ALWAYS just right. 😈

    And thank you for the visit & follow on Twitter. ❤

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  3. It is a pleasure to meet you. 😊 Your comment about “being a man” based on what needs are being fulfilled is hilarious…women need great sex too! I suppose men also have needs for deeper intimacy at times beyond just sex. We all seem to searching to fill in the voids of our life. Look forward to following your journey ~ Michael


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