Squidgy bum covered in cum – Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday
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Every Sperm is Sacred – Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life

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This image shows  apart from the obvious shows the remnants of the result of the Kink Kraft cane I made at Eroticon.  I hate bodily fluids I have a real problem with them which I have spent a lot of my adult life trying to overcome.  One of my sexual bucket list was to taste a man’s cum in my mouth, I have tried it but decided I would much rather a mouth full of Prosecco.  Although I adore it when E comes over my body at my request, I still can not touch it or clear it up – strange. If you follow me out of a public toilet I am the one who drops little bits of loo roll on the floor after opening the door with it to protect my hands…………..

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-07 at 20.34.22


20 thoughts on “Squidgy bum covered in cum – Sinful Sunday

  1. Interesting.
    I had a lover once who hated the taste of cum, but really, really, wanted to do it. We always made sure I ejaculated way back in her mouth. This meant she couldn’t taste it (usually). She also had a soda or something nearby to wash any taste away.
    Perhaps Prosecco would work for you? 🙂


  2. I wouldn’t want to taste that stuff either, although I imagine I have plenty of times with women I’ve been with. I think it would be okay to touch it. Roll it in your fingers, smear it around a bit. I would not have sought that particular target.


  3. Not a taste that bothers me though it is acquired and it was my OH that helped me overcome it 🙂 As for the toilets – I am most definitely joining you there. I am even wincing thinking about it while I type


  4. All I will say about the cum thing is, in my experience, not all cum is created equal in the taste department. I have definitely had partners where I have not enjoyed the taste.

    As for the picture, this is fucking hot. I love cum on my skin but unlike you I tend to then play in it.



  5. I am with you about the taste, though from day to day depending on what has been consumed, that taste differs. Still, I love the image and it would be my preference


  6. ohhh the stories about jizz i could tell you LOL. I love this post!!! first off i so miss going to Camden and riding the tube and your word “Squidgy” brings back good memories of our holiday there.
    I think we all have these “issues” with bodily fluids. I will not kiss a man who has gone down on me or any woman for that matter. I dont like the taste of some cum, thats why i try to get their cock as close to the back of my throat as possible to swallow quickly. I know a lot of men who didnt like their own jizz on their skin, which i thought was funny. So, i say do whatever feels comfortable for you. 🙂


  7. I did have to giggle at your title! Funnily enough cum is one of the only bodily fluids I’m quite happy with, anything else I get all squeamish! Not very positive for a sex blogger I know but we all have our ‘things’ don’t we 🙂


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