Birthday Delights – #wickedwednesday rides again

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She opened her eyes gingerly, their brightness dimmed by the after effects of the champagne gaily drunk the night before, her teeth having the lamination from food and drink despite her golden rule of washing teeth and removing face makeup before bed no matter what. She gingerly moved her head slightly and smiled as she saw her husband breathing steadily beside her in sleep, although he was shadowed she was aware of rays of sunshine slanting through the blinds, signalling the beginning of another glorious spring day.

She lay back on the plump feather down pillows and thought back to the party last night, the eve of a momentous birthday. She thought of the guests she loved laughing and enjoying the warmth of their hospitality, her two sons resplendent in their late teens love of life, her son’s friends who she had seen develop from small school kids passing louche gangly youths stage,  to the confident young men of today who also insisting on attending the party, a testament to the love that had been extended and the haven from teenage angst that had been provided over the years.

She was in a reflective move feeling that the sands of time had sucked her below the waters surface making her as many women of her age felt invisible to colleagues, men, media and life in generally. She felt at times worthless her voice never heard, too old but not old enough. She closed her eyes and tried to doze.

He awoke and looked over to his wife, the woman he loved with a purity that one person has for another, always wishing for the best, never in competition, never fearful, a willingness to take happiness and make happiness. Lying in umbra he looked at her dozing form. Her dark hair streaked with one band of grey but still glorious rich and vibrant. A successful career in a difficult job, he was proud of her achievements and how she had changed some peoples lives for the better, he was aware of her current feeling of self doubt that creeping years had bought her. He thought her more beautiful now that when he first met her over 44 years previously, a gawky 16 year old with dark hair swaying in the gentle breeze, browned limbed with an inquisitive challenging mind. He blessed the day his parents chose to holiday at the same resort as hers and the day he saw her on the beach.

Propping himself up on one arm, he used the other hand to trace from her strong chin, running his hand gently across her gorgeous face, a face he knew by heart, the bow curve of her lips. He continued to pass down her neck, the covers of the bed she had previously pulled back revealing her body in its glory. Small white briefs covered her bottom but she was otherwise naked. He continued his journey of her body. He circled her heavy pendulous desirable breasts gently rippling his fingers across their fullness, he stroked her nipple watching as it increased and swelled and became erect at his touch, the dark aerola contrasting against her pale breast. He reached down and gently licked the same and then sucked almost imperceptibly, wanting to feel the salty taste of the sweat remaining from her vigorous dancing the previous night.

He continued to trace his finger down her bone of contention her belly. Pale silvery marks and the slight overhang the indication of the life giving scars of their two children. Fat accumulated over the years but to him it was a thing of absolute beauty, a testament to love, a womanly feature so beautiful to be revelled in, not despised as so many woman did. He bent over and kissed her belly button feeling the soft yielding skin beneath him.

His fingers continued to explore. He reached the top of her panties, crisp white no nonsense briefs covering the growth of hair he loved. Still curly and thick, despite the passing of years. He despised the shaved hairless pussies, he preferred the womanly growth that tickled his nose as he performed oral. His finger hesitated at the top and he watched a smile twitched on her face as he proceeded to slide her panties down with his finger. He kissed the top of her pubic bone and she opened her legs slightly to accommodate his roaming finger.

She lay there awake, a smile curling around her mouth as she enjoyed without sight her husband exploring her body. She felt the familiar warmth and tingle as he entered her knickers. She was aware that his fingers, pressure applied gently and her clitoral hood swelling in delight, were gently circling her clitoris. He continued to slide his finger up and down, pausing to draw her wetness from her pussy before moving his fingers back up to her clitoris. She arched her back slightly to meet his fingers at every stroke an involuntarily groan of pleasure emitting from her lips. Her legs opened wider and she was panting as the pressure increased and he inserted two fingers into her vagina using his thumb to rotate on her aroused clitoris. She came nosily and greedily thrusting herself up at him to grab the increased pressure.

Naked he kneeled in front of her. His penis erect and proud thrust out in front of him, glorious in its nakedness it rawness, its prowess. She lay back on the pillows and smiled, they had never shied away from new sexual adventures and their sexual discovery honed over the years had provided great pleasure. He grabbed her legs and raised them to his shoulders, she raised her arse slightly from the bed and he thrust his manhood into her wet open pussy, its creamy cum juice glistening across her labia as he entered. Her began to fuck her with long hard strokes, removing each time slightly before plunging back into her willingness. He fucked her slowly at first so she could feel his girth upon each entry, her vaginal walls tightening against him using her muscles to pull him in further. His thrusting began to increase with intensity of coming close to orgasm. The head of his penis engorged red and heavy with the lust of wanting her. He sped up his thrusts becoming shorter and more rapid and he looked at her in the eye as he pulled out just as he came, his hot spunk shooting over the glorious melonic breasts splattering across her nipples, splashes of hot cum hitting her chin as his momentous orgasm crashed through his body.

He lay beside her spent, as she lazily used her fingers to draw his cum across her nipples feeling the stickiness and smelling his aroma. She idly drew ILU over her breasts smiling as she did so. He turned and began playing with her nipples again, his own cum mixed in with the slight perspiration of her body. He lent over and enveloped a nipple deeply into his mouth tasting himself as he did so. His fingers played with the other nipple pulling it and extending the shape fully. She turned to face him and they kissed deeply as teenagers would do wanting to draw his body into her own, loving him with an intensity that had never changed over the years.

They came up for breath and he said “Happy 50th Birthday gorgeous”


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