CEO – The middle triumvirate 90% sex, 10% friendship!

All these places have their moments with lovers and friends, I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living in my life, I’ve loved them all

My triumvirates have been part of my life for some period of time now, well relative to the fact I signed up for Ashley Madison in March 2015.  Earnest No 1 (and the best sex, and never a project) a little shy of the two year mark, Voice (No 3 project)  and CEO  (No 2 project) around 16 months.  It is funny how it evolves, what makes one more likely than the next, although this was never about having a “relationship”, you have to end up having a form of “relationship” to make this work.  I suppose as in normal life you meet some people and just click and CEO was one of those.  Some of my men are former lovers but excellent friends (which is more amenable when the pressure of sex is off), some were excellent lovers but never allowed to become a friend, and some were a one off (very rare, I was never into wham bam thank you ma’am).  I had so much contact on AM that I had to screen and be ruthless and my personality and character meant I had far too many conquests than required.  So therefore only what I considered to be the creme de la creme survived…..

CEO is intermittent, an out of town geezer.  He sails in regularly and we arrange to meet and our meetings are always imbrued with red wine, meals, laughter, a fantastic knowledge, rumblings over politics and long sessions of uninterrupted sex.  We communicated unusually for me very quickly by phone at the beginning of the relationship and he would accompany me via chat on my lunch time walks to the local sandwich bar or the Tesco Express.   Giggles would permeate the conversation and I remember coming back from Tesco’s with a box of cereal, and some dried pulses I neither wanted, nor would my family want or eat,  but had randomly picked up lost in the conversation.   We wrote scenarios of what we wanted to do to each other, he is a great raconteur and would give me as if it was a Serial TV programme instalments always leaving me hanging for the next episode.  Now days,  after over a year, our conversations are never about sex, normally politics, news events  and we laugh about that.  That is the evolving nature of these relationships when you have that initial sexual fire, then you discover the true person and they become both a lover and a friend……

Our first meeting was in a pub and I had forewarned him that I would only meet him for an hour.  On approach I could see him outside a very lanky tall man, brown curly hair and wicked blue eyes with a smile that reminds me of the Cheshire Cat. He is normally in a very well cut suit and is a looker. Another high flyer he is a CEO (he informs me that One in Five CEO’s are psychopaths and I hope that he is the one in four that are not!   He looked exactly like his photograph (some men on Ashley Madison provide a photograph that appears to be taken with a box brownie, or try and convince you they are at least 10 years younger than the photographic evidence).  We immediately hit it off, you can’t describe it all I can say is that when conversation flows easily and it feels as if you have known them for years then you know it will be a success.  We drank far too much red wine our words tumbling into each other we we discovered a joint favourite song or a book we had both read (in fact my Christmas present from him  was a beautiful book) and I broke my cardinal rule I did not leave after the hour.  In fact a couple of hours passed and then I did something which is not me, we went to his hotel for sex.  Immediately he stripped me off complimentary about the underwear (I always wear good underwear when meeting as it makes me feel good, nothing to do with them, it is the knowledge that I am wearing silk and lace against my skin) and proceeded to give me the most warm erotic oral sex that to my shame I climaxed quickly with a complete loss of dignity.  His fingers are incredibly long and he put these to good use pinching my nipples gently and elongating them.  He loves breasts and plays with my ample mammaries for some time. On our first meeting the red wine took its toil and every time he applied a condom it had a terrible effect and we played a game of now you see it, now you don’t!  although eventually we managed to snap one on and get going before we got through the box of condoms.

Since then we have enjoyed many a scenario, our MO is that I meet him and we spend around three hours just having sex.  He is adept at playing with the clitoris, he squeezes the labia together causing a sort of friction on my clitoris which drives me towards the peaks of a climax, he also causes me for some reason to have the most loudest fanny farts ever, in fact I remind myself of a balloon being deflated and flying around the room expelling air.  Rip roaring the force so great my labia lips virtually vibrate as the air is expelled, I am reminded of people who have extensive pouting surgery on their lips I imagine my labia resembling their lips as the air passes.   He has a tendency to tie me up and leave to go to the bar for a cold beer at the end of our sessions before coming back laughing and joking and taking photographs.  His favourite position is spooning and he remains deadly quiet as he fucks with gentle purpose, I always knows when he is coming as he makes a little squeak just immediately prior.  Once the event is over we shower and dine and drink. He likes a good restaurant and we spend hours eating and chatting.  We have had one disagreement in all the time we have known each other, a major disagreement but days later have metaphorically kissed and made up.  I do wonder because it is in my mind I think of him more sexually (and no I refuse to use those terms f*** buddy)  than meaningful so therefore the spats are few and far between.   I am quite happy to dip in and out I suppose but he is one of my Holy Trinity without a doubt.

As I approach 2017 and see how my life have evolved from the frantic female at the beginning to the determined female at the end I wonder what next year brings.  Professionally I am determined to take a different direction that is one thing I know I will do. I stared this blog as a log of my Ashley Madison adventures (although I signed up to Illicit Encounters I never used that facility as with Ashley) that is part of my history now. I started as a woman who wanted her cup to be overflowing and it was, to wanting the complete opposite.  I do not miss it, it is extremely flattering as a female to be feted by so many, you have to go through that process work it out of your system to get to the other side, but I do know without a shadow of a doubt I do not want to return to that person. I do know that Earnest and I will take the direction of Clubbing and Swinging and meeting like minded couples and I know that I am more excited and open for the challenges that may bring. I am determined to lose even if it is  for one night only,  inhibitions and use a swing in a Club,   I am trying to lose my reserve and drop the barriers and recognise the signals when others are interested!  I have made some wonderful friends, Alice, Eye and Leo and Peter. I have firmly but kindly discarded contact with some of the ones I kept in touch with, it is not want I want.  Eye is attending Eroticon 2017 in March and I have looked at the schedule, it is exceedingly good and apart from some excellent speakers I would enjoy the KInkcraft workshop making a toy to be derive enormous pleasure from. My natural nerves and shyness might have to be pushed to one side to attend and I have earmarked the date. I love people and love people watching and seeing what makes them tick and it would be an ideal opportunity.

Thank you for all the people who have taken time to read and comment on this blog which has been in existence for one year.  I have received a tremendous 40,957  views.  The country base has been mainly UK and USA but the list of countries is amazing 106 different countries (some however only once!)

I had the most wonderful day with Earnest prior to Christmas and although I wanted to write before the end of 2016 I shall have to write that tomorrow, the start of another year.

Happy New Year to you all, may those who have had an awful 2016 be blessed with a better 2017 xx



11 thoughts on “CEO – The middle triumvirate 90% sex, 10% friendship!

  1. Love your shares:). Amazing world that you have created for yourself. Such an emancipated female. I love how you describe your adventures. Happy 2017!


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